Castle-an-Dinas Farm Ruins

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Sitting on the highest point of the moors overlooking Mount's Bay is Castle-an-Dinas and Tonkin Downs. The view out over the Bay from here is spectacular, but it obviously wan't good enough to keep Castle-an-Dinas Farm occupied.

The farm was only established in the early 1800s by James Hoskin, but this is a harsh place to try to make a living out of the land. There might still have been farmers here today but for the quarry located just below the farm. It is probably the combination of the relentless work and earth-shaking blasts from the quarry that drove out the last tenants here, the Woolridge family, in 1953.

All that is left now is this shell of a cottage with the old stove slowly rusting away. And notice the crack in that huge lintel stone over the fireplace...

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