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Ladock is a parish and village in the centre of Cornwall, located on the B327 about five miles north-east of Truro. Until 1840 the B327 was the old toll road that connected Truro and Bodmin.

Ladock is an agricultural parish situated entirely on slate rock. Most of the valleys have at one time been streamed for tin and the largest gold nugget ever found in Cornwall was discovered in the River Ladock in 1802. It is now on display in the Truro Museum.

Historically, Ladock was two small settlements; Bissick by the river and Ladock on the hill. The parish church of St Ladoca features a fine west tower constructed from granite blocks. The north side of the church dates from the thirteenth century and the south side from the fifteenth.

There is a school, village hall and pub in the village where every summer the locals organise a mini music festival called Ladstock.