Zafiros // Truro

Zafiros in New Bridge Street is like two different places. It starts out as a good place for breakfast or lunch with the fam. When the sun goes down, the cocktails come out, and Zafiros transforms into a more grown-up city centre bar.

The food is American and Tex Mex-inspired, with burgers, fried chicken, tacos and more. There's a kids menu, and a good choice of vegan options. There's also a whole big menu dedicated to gluten-free dishes. The all-day brunches include the full Cornish (it even includes hog's pudding), a veggie option and an American pancake stack.

Hopefully sated with burgers and milkshakes, the kids will go home with grandma and you can come back for cocktails. The outdoor terrace is a lively spot for a French Martini or Mojito on a warm, Cornish evening.