The Napoleon Inn // Boscastle

Napoleon Inn

The Napoleon Inn is a delightful family-run historic pub. Found snugly nestled in Boscastle village, a little way off from the busy centre on the old High Street. The Inn is full of 16th-century charm with the original bar and fireplace still intact. The scene is perfected with era-appropriate low beams and romantic lighting.

In true Cornish style, the pub offers traditional cask ale, straight from the barrel. Weekly, lively entertainment keeps both regulars and newbies to the bar coming back for more as traditional local singers take to the tiny pub stage to serenade the gathering crowd.

The menu features interesting yet delectable treats for the table, such as marinated olives, brown butter popcorn, and focaccia with pecorino and pesto. Small plates of mussels and ciabatta, soup, trout, and various sides are readily available if you want a snack. If you arrive with a pang of serious hunger, bigger plates feature on the menu, including haddock and chips, fried cod, roast veggies, steak, burgers, and various sides and sweet treat desserts.