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Brown Sugar Cafe
Brown Sugar Cafe

This is every coffee addict’s dream café! Since 2006, Brown Sugar Café’s been roasting coffee and brewing tea that is locally grown. Their menu boasts a range of dishes made to order, so you know they are fresh and tasty. Just ask the staff as they are super friendly and will make a plan to cater to most dietary requirements.
And on that note, let's talk about the menu...

Start the day right with their hearty full English Breakfast. Brown Sugar Café thinks of everyone and makes Vegetarian and Vegan Breakfasts that will have you undoing the top button of your pants because you need to eat every last bite! High up on that list of favourites is also the pancake stack!

They keep with the times and seasons, and the main menu changes with each season. Taco's and burgers are always choices you can't go wrong with.
With so many smoothies & home baked cakes to choose from, you have too many options here!

Brown Sugar Café is a great spot to relax with friends, a place for laughs with a relaxed atmosphere. The cafe is open seven days a week starting from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm, but if things are festive, don't be surprised if they stay open a little longer and later! Head to Brown Sugar Café for a meal of your choosing today.