Delabole slate quarry

Delabole village is situated about a mile from the North Coast of Cornwall. It is close to Camelford, Tintagel, Boscastle and Port Isaac and is thus in the heart of King Arthur Country. The area abounds with castles and battle sites. Delabole is the third highest village in Cornwall, almost as high as nearby Roughtor. There are several areas of interest in and around Delabole and there are churches, a post office, several shops, toilets, and a playing field in the village. There are some delightful local pubs, and plenty of pleasant walks in the area.

Close by is one of the biggest holes in Europe, the Delabole Slate Quarry and its museum. Delabole Slate, probably the finest slate available, has been used as a building material for over 600 years, and has been quarried since the early 17th century. The quarry is 425 feet deep and over a mile and a half around. Modern mining techniques mean that an average of 120 tonnes of slate block is still quarried each day using a minimum of staff. The quarry is also home to the Delabole butterfly (Spirifer vermuli).

It was in Delabole that Ronald Biggs the infamous Great Train Robber spent some of his early years when he was evacuated from the London blitz. He confessed, many years later, that his first crime was committed when he rolled a large rock into the famous slate quarry.

Britain’s first commercial wind farm is situated near Delabole. This has been followed by several more in the county.

Cornwall Air Ambulance
Cornwall Air Ambulance
The headquarters and charity shop of the Cornwall first Air Ambulance is in Delabole. This service is dependant on fundraising activities and provides a vital link for visitors as well as local people in cases of emergency. The helicopter is equipped to deal with all types of incidents and can take casualties to hospital far quicker than by road ambulance.

There are several hotels and restaurants in and around the village, and lots of self-catering accommodation in the area. It is an ideal centre from which to explore North Cornwall and is not far from many lovely beaches and the rugged coastline.