Cornish Language

The Cornish language and the cornish way of life

Kernewek - the Cornish language. Unique and at the heart of the Cornish culture. Also information about Cornish traditions and local ways.

  • Warlinenn /

    Extensive site dedicated to the Cornish language. Includes news, dictionary and phrase book plus you can view it in Cornish
  • An Burow - The Cornish Language News /

    The Cornish Branch of the European Bureau for Lesser Used Language\'s own website. Features regularly updated news on the Cornish language
  • Agan Tavas - our language /

    Society for the Promotion of the Cornish language. Site includes news, forums and Cornwall related links
  • An Daras - Cornish Folk Arts /

    Cornish folk arts information with sections on Cornish music, dance, costume, customs & traditions, folk arts and Lowender Peran
  • An Bibel Kernewek - Cornish Bible Project /

    Project translating the bible into Cornish. It is hoped to publish the New Testament in 2004