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Screech Owl Sanctuary
Screech Owl Sanctuary

The sanctuary began as a captive collection of owls and expanded when an elderly breeder passed on his collection of birds prior to retirement. Part of this menagerie consisted of a disabled buzzard, and a barn owl, which had lost half a wing in a road accident. Before long the Screech Owl Sanctuary began in 1990, on a two and a half acre small holding. In 1994, the sanctuary moved to the present, much larger site, in Mid Cornwall.

Screech Owl babies
Owl babies

Providing care and rehabilitation for wild sick and injured owls and ensuring their safe release back to the wild, when fully recovered, is the main function of the sanctuary. However, a comfortable home in a suitable environment is provided for permanently disabled birds. The sanctuary also promotes awareness of conservation needs of owls through education and involvement with schools and other organisations. Captive breeding takes place at the centre to conserve many rarer owl species.

Visitors can see and touch the owls under staff supervision, and there is a guided tour of the centre. Disabled groups and special needs persons are welcome and are well-catered for.

Screech Sanctuary animals
Screech petting zoo

There are daily falconry displays with owls and birds of prey. Owl husbandry and falconry courses or experience days are also offered. A lakeside walk offers views of wildlife on the surrounding moorland and there is a Rainbow play area for all age groups. Snacks are available at Tiggy's Tearoom and visitors can buy owl souvenirs in the shop.