Porfell Wildlife Park & Sanctuary // Liskeard

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Porfell Wildlife Park

A great pick for animal lovers of all ages, Porfell Wildlife Park & Sanctuary is the largest exotic wildlife sanctuary in Cornwall. Located a few miles from Looe in the southeast of the county, it is dedicated to taking in unwanted and neglected animals from around the world and using them as an educational tool to prevent the next generation repeating the same mistakes.

Porfell Wildlife Park - Maasai Village

More than 20 years old, children and adults are able to get much closer to many of the residents than in a traditional zoo, with opportunities to touch and even feed some of the creatures that live here. The list of more than 100 different species includes meerkats from southern Africa, lemurs from Madagascar, and monkeys from both the old and new worlds.

The park also has the additional attraction of an authentically created Maasai village, surrounded by animals from the East African savannahs. Made from mud and wicker, the huts are filled with Maasai handicrafts. It allows visitors to explore the traditional livelihoods of one of Kenya's most famous tribes without even having to leave Cornwall.

Porfell Wildlife Park - Lemurs

A thoroughly British woodland walk made of level boardwalks can also be experienced to celebrate our sometimes under-celebrated native species of plant and animal. A children's farm offers a hands-on approach to many additional species, from rabbits and chipmunks to ferrets and deer.

Porfell Wildlife Park & Sanctuary is open from the beginning of February until the end of October.