Polperro Heritage Museum of Smuggling & Fishing // Polperro

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Polperro Heritage Museum of Smuggling & Fishing
Polperro Heritage Museum / Photo: Ian Cunliffe

The small Heritage Museum of Smuggling and Fishing is located in The Warren overlooking the fishing village's harbour. It is home to a fascinating collection of exhibits chronicling Polperro's history with particular reference to the two mainstays of the 18th and 19th century economy: fishing and smuggling.

Rather fittingly the museum is housed in the villages old pilchard factory which operated until the early 1900s. One of three located around the harbour this one was owned by the Teglio family from Italy.

As well as various 18th century memorabilia such as ships models the museum houses a remarkable photographic collection dating back as far as 1860.

Other displays include traditional Polperro 'knitfrocks'. These knitted jumpers kare a style of Guernsey and each family had their own design. partly so that any man lost at sea could be identified if his body was found.

The Guernsey influence is probably not coincidence as there was a great deal of smuggling contraband from the Channel Island to Polperro. This history is recounted in the museum including exhibits and tales from the most notorious of all Polperro's smuggling boats - the Lottery.