Museum of Witchcraft and Magic // Boscastle

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The Museum of Witchcraft has been located in the beautiful Cornish village of Boscastle since 1960 and houses the world's largest collection of witchcraft related artefacts.

The museum was refurbished and re-opened at Easter 2005, following devastation caused by the flash floods of August 2004.

In March 2000, the museum inherited a legacy was from a Dutch collector, Richel, who had inherited much of his collection from his father-in-law, Eldermans. Eldermans had been a Magister of the Ars Amatoria, a group using sexual magic. Aleister Crowley, of black magic fame, also had an occult group called the Argenteum Astrum (Silver Star). There are artefacts in the collection relating to both organisations.

Richel and Eldermans are believed to have been members of another occult group based in The Hague and Leiden. The Museum of Witchcraft houses a library of over 3000 books, relating to witchcraft and the occult.

Open daily from April 1st until November 4th 2018

Monday to Saturday 10.30am – 6pm (last entry 5.00pm)

Sunday from 11.30 – 6pm (last entry 5.00pm)

Entrance charges (2018):

£5 - adults
£4 - children
£4 - elders
£10 - Naughty Children and little monsters!