Hangloose Adventure @ Eden // St Austell

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Hangloose - Eden Project

Hangloose Adventure offers amazing, adrenaline filled activities within the world renowned Eden Project, as well as a cafe and onsite accommodation options.

One activity is "Skywire": England's fastest and longest zip-wire experience, exclusive to Cornwall. You'll hang 100m above the ground and soar through the air at an exhilarating 60mph!

Not scary enough? ...This can also be done backwards! Definitely not for the faint hearted.

Hangloose swings - Eden Project

If flying isn't your thing, Hangloose also has "Skytrek": An aerial trekking and high ropes course, which starts from the ground and gradually brings you higher and higher.

Another option is to swing higher than you thought possible, on a 20m giant swing called "Gravity". Swing alone or with friends and reach speeds of 50mph whilst looking down over the edge of a cliff.

Want to channel your inner stunt double? Jump onto "Big Air": A giant airbag with different height options... Are you brave enough to jump from the top?

Hangloose skywire - Eden Project

Finally, there is "The Drop": A 33 ft base jump over a cliff edge. Don't worry, you'll be attached to a descender which will bring you to a gentle and controlled stop. Phew!

You can book these activities separately or buy a package and do as many as you like while you're there.

One thing is for sure, adrenaline junkies won't get bored at Hangloose Adventure!