Cornwall's Regimental Museum // Bodmin

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Cornwall's Regimental Museum
Cornwall's Regimental Museum

Also going by the name of Cornwall Army Museum and Bodmin Keep, Cornwall's Regimental Museum sits within a mansion-like structure that has been the historic home of the British army in the county since its time as the headquarters of the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry more than 150 years ago.

However, the history of the regiment goes back at least another 150 years before that, with 12,000 museum objects telling the story of 300 years of military activity in Cornwall. Operating as a barracks as late as 1962, the building saw operational service as a base during both the First and Second World Wars. In addition to its role as an educational establishment, as part of the Ministry of Defence estate, it also acts as the county office for the The Rifles, the descendent of the Light Infantry and the largest single regiment in the army today.

Located ten minutes' walk from the centre of Bodmin along St Nicholas' Street, and just 50 metres from Bodmin General train station, the museum collection also covers pivotal moments in world history including the Indian Mutiny of 1857. It also houses over 80 uniforms, various impressive examples of weaponry, and personal letters sent from by soldiers on battlefronts across the globe.

The museum is open Tuesday to Saturday, with adult tickets costing around £7 (2021 prices).