Castles in Cornwall

St Micheal's Mount Sunset

Island castle set in the middle of Mount's Bay, just off the coast of Marazion. The Mount is now managed by the National Trust but remains the home of St Aubyn family.

Castle set on the high motte (mound) of a stronghold built soon after the Norman Conquest

Tintagel Castle Cornwall

Clifftop ruins of castle which was allegedly the fortress used by King Arthur.

Perfectly preserved coastal fortress built by Henry VIII. In partnership with its twin, Pendennis, it guards the entrance of the Fal Estuary.

Pendennis Castle was built in the middle of the 16th century by Henry VIII as one of a pair of forts, with St Mawes Castle, to protect the Fal Estuary from the threat of invasion from France and Spain

Extensive defensive walls and earthworks dating back to the 16th century

16th-century fort built over St Mary's Pool harbour, but never finished

King Charles' Castle - Tresco

Remains of castle built for coastal defence on the north side of Tresco

Cromwell's Castle - Tresco, Scilly

17th-century round tower positioned on a rocky promontory guarding the anchorage between Bryher and Tresco.

St Catherine's Castle was built, as one of several fortifications running along the south coast in 1536, to protect Fowey harbour from French Invasion and is now managed by English Heritage