Carnglaze Caverns and the Rum Store // Liskeard

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Carnglaze Caverns
Carnglaze Caverns

Carnglaze Caverns echo with the sounds (and sights) of British culture. Formed as part of a slate quarry in the Loveny Valley, these three artificial caves are still something to behold. Not only have their interiors been used as the cover artwork for an album by Echo and the Bunnymen, but the acoustics have made them a popular, if unusual, gig venue. But perhaps the oddest fact is that the caves were used to keep the Royal Navy's rum ration safe and secure during the Second World War.

Tours delve approximately 150 metres into the valley hillside, and reach a point some 60 metres below the earth's surface. The first chamber contains a collection of minerals mined in the region, as well as several bat roosts. Reaching the lower two caverns, including the underground lake, involves a short descent down a flight of stairs and a strong hope that there isn't a power cut while you're down there! (although visitors are given all the necessary safety equipment, including a torch).

Should you prefer, you can stay firmly planted above ground instead, with plenty to entertain, including woodland bluebells in spring, and a grotto of fairies that can be seen all the year round. 

Carnglaze Caverns are open Monday to Saturday, with opening times of 10 am until 5 pm, extended to 8 pm in August.