Arthurian Centre // Camelford

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The Arthurian Centre is located at Slaughterbridge where a stone, dating back to the 6th century, carries a Latin inscription. This is believed to be the spot where Arthur and Mordred fought their last battle which ended the fellowship of the round table in AD 537. The centre brings the legend of King Arthur to life and is dedicated to telling the stories of the King and his court. It contains many fascinating exhibits of photographs, illustrations and paintings. The exhibition was put together more than twenty years ago and is still growing.

In addition to the main exhibition, there is a nature and history trail, a video loop, brass rubbings and a gift shop. There are beautiful riverside walks nearby, the site of a 13th century village and indications of earlier defences and a chapel. Lady Falmouth’s Secret Garden is an 18th century garden, which was rediscovered during 2005. Further investigation followed by a full restoration is planned. The site of the centre is close to Camelford. The brown tourism signs to "King Arthur's Stone" should be followed from the main A39.