Sunnydale Alpacas // Launceston

Pedigree winning alpaca herd, pets, guardian animals and breeding stock usually available. Hand made scarves and baby blankets from our own alpaca wool from stock or to order.

Here at Sunnydale Alpacas our outstanding genetics have taken years to develop and prove. Our animals grow the most amazing soft fleece, which we hand spin and hand weave into scarves, shawls and baby blankets, right here on our farm. We can trace the garment right back to the animal it came from.

Our hand made products are not cheap, but if you are looking for an inexpensive gift, why not buy a bag of bird nesting material. It is a mixed bag of 100% alpaca fleece, usually from the bits we cannot spin because they are too short or whatever. At less than £5 for a 100 gram bag, they make great gifts and will add something different to any bird table back home. The wild birds love it and just help themselves. Great for caged birds too.

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