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Established in 2003, the Cornwall Guide has consistently attracted the largest number of visitors for any independent Cornwall travel and tourism website. Much of this success is based on quality content and our desire to include as much information as possible even if that means offering freeĀ listings.

So if you have a restaurant, art gallery, holiday cottage, B&B, surf shop, webcam, pub or anything else we might be interested in then we'd love to know. If you provide us with the details we can offer you a platform where people will find you.

We also love your photos. As a keen photographer myself I've travelled from tip to toe and coast to coast of Cornwall, but there are still any number of places I have yet to cover; and to tell the truth some of you just have better photos - so please help us out and upload some of your beautiful photos of Cornwall.

Events are something else we'd like to hear about. A number of categories are covered ranging from theatre to sporting events, and as a bonus we'll tell all our followers on Facebook and Twitter about it too.

Our Stats

  • 2.9 million visits per year*
    The number of times somebody has visited the Cornwall Guide over the past year
  • 5 million page views*
    The total number of pages viewed on the Cornwall Guide over 12 months
  • 70 million searches on Google*
    How many times a year the Cornwall Guide has appeared in a Google search
  • 60k Facebook fans - and counting
    Whenever you add something we like to tell our fans on FB and Twitter
  • 35k+ Instagram followers

*This information was gathered from Google Analytics between Nov 2019 and Nov 2020.


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We have tried to make the whole process as quick and easy as possible. All you need to do is sign up for an account and wait for the confirmation email. Once you are logged in you'll see some big buttons for adding whatever it is you'd like to add. Once submitted we'll approve it asap, and that's it.

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NOTE: we have changed our listing process to a more hands on method....


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