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Blue Reef Aquarium - NewquayAs one of the UK's most popular tourist destinations Cornwall has no shortage of things to do whatever the weather or time of year. If rugged cliffs, sandy beaches and charming fishing villages aren't enough then we can help you find alternate activities.

Trelissick TowerIt's not just the villages that have something to offer those sightseeing. The towns (and city!) of Cornwall are rich in history and attractions of their own. Cornwall has things to do for everyone, ranging from beautiful gardens, museums, theme parks, maritime centres, cornish heritage to zoos and wildlife reserves.

As well as finding detailed listings of attractions and location maps you will also be able to read and write reviews. Whilst we beleive that most of the visitor attractions in Cornwall are of a high standard and that there has been a gradual improvement in quality over the years there is always a place for comment whether to endorse or give a personal perspective on somewhere you have visited.

Eden ProjectTo find somewhere to go, something to do or find an attraction you may have heard of simply select the place and/or type of attraction on the right of the page or just click on the map.

Enjoy browsing through our list of over 100 attractions throughout Cornwall and yes, the Eden Project is in there somewhere!

Latest attraction reviews

  • Crealy Adventure Park

    Review by: jennifer powell on 2012-07-12 10:39:30
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    Its not as actioned packed as the larger theme parks up north but that dosent make it less of an attraction. There is plenty to do, you do need a whole day to enjoy everything, and there is lots to do for various age groups. Ive got a 13, 11 and 3 year old and they all rate the two Crealy parks high up on their favourite places to visit. There are large various outdoor play areas, indoor play areas, a few 'big' rides, animals, various food stops and lots of other stuff. A great value day out.
    Overall Rating: 5
    Entertainment:5 stars Facilities:5 stars Value:5 stars
  • St Michaels Mount

    Review by: jennifer powell on 2012-07-12 10:31:04
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    The journey to the castle and back is the most intresting part. Its fun walking across the slip to the castle and getting the boat back. The kids love the story about the giants heart and love finding his heart on the way up. Once you get to the castle it goes down hill, its the boring, dont touch anything type thats been wall papered to look like a house, great for older generations, but boring for kids, in fact on the last visit one of the staff was moaning about my toddler making too much noise. The events lack imagination and consist of the boring 'find the letter' trails. If we go again, it will be to find the heart again, we will bypass the castle.
    Overall Rating: 1.7
    Entertainment:2 stars Facilities:1 stars Value:2 stars
  • Pendennis Castle

    Review by: jennifer powell on 2012-07-12 10:25:14
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    My kids are 13, 11 and 3 and they all love this castle. Its not the stuffy, decorated type of castle, but the type that has lots of spiral stairs to run up and down while running away from the 'dragon'. The dragon is actually a recording of cannon fire playing continuously throughout the castle but it does sound like a dragons roar and the kids love running round the castle away from the dragon. The grounds around the castle are also 'fun' with lots to discover. They also go to a great deal of effort in school holidays to put on different events, we are regular visitors and never get bored. Its also handy having the swimming baths next door for any enegy they have left over.
    Overall Rating: 4.3
    Entertainment:5 stars Facilities:4 stars Value:4 stars
  • Paradise Park Wildlife Sanctuary

    Review by: jennifer powell on 2012-07-12 10:16:08
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    We live locally so visit here regularly. It is on the expensive side compared to other places but it does have the best indoor play area around, big enough for me to go in and play with my kids rather than sitting and watching. They have improved the outdoor play area recently, but there is still a lacking of imagination in the outdoor play area. My toddler likes watching the penguins and the otters, but the rest of the birds he just runs past on the way to the play barn. Again there is a lack of imagination with the bird displays, even though the birds are pretty, to little kids its not that intresting. He does enjoy the train that goes around the site.
    Overall Rating: 3.3
    Entertainment:4 stars Facilities:3 stars Value:3 stars
  • Porthcurno Telegraph Museum

    Review by: Rob Cavendish on 2012-07-11 13:40:22
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    Very interesting and informative. I could have stayed longer, we didn't arrive until 3 and the museum closed at 5, I would have liked an extra half an hour, although my kids (and wife) had already had enough by then!
    It is aimed mainly at those with an interest in engineering history, although we all enjoyed the informative and very well presented talk at the beginning. This was the highlight of the visit for my family and should not be missed.
    Do have a walk up the escape route, it gives a real feel for the importance of this facility during the war and offers a nice view at the top. It made my legs ache the next day as an added bonus! - (must get fitter).
    I would have liked to have seen the cable termination house, but no mention was made of this on the day, although it is mentioned in the guide book (well worth a read too!)

    Overall Rating: 3.7
    Entertainment:4 stars Facilities:3 stars Value:4 stars

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