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Mylor Information, History, Acommodation and more

Mylor CreekOne of the beautiful villages on the wistful network of creeks off the Fal river, Mylor has long been connected with shipping. In days gone by it would have been packet ships bringing trade here, but now it is the heart of a yachting and pleasure craft paradise.

Mylor ChurchThe parish church in Mylor is dedicated to St Melorus (or Milor, Melor). By the late 19th century, the church had fallen into some disrepair and a process of renovation began. During these renovations a 17 foot celtic cross was found - it was being used as a flying butress for one of the churches walls. The cross now stands in the churchyard, legend says it originally marked the site of St Mylor's grave. The churchyard contains many graves of those who made their livings on the sea. These include the graves of several Packet ship captains. There is also an attached graveyard for more than 60 of the men and boys of HMS Ganges, a naval training ship that was moored at Mylor for over 30 years in the late 1800s. The ship became infamous for its harsh conditions and zealous discipline

Mylor HarbourWhere Mylor Creek joins the River Fal and Carrick Roads is Mylor Yacht Harbour. The marina is well equipped with plenty of facilities including 400 berths. A haven for shipping for 200 years Mylor was at one time the most westerly Naval Dockyard and victualling station in England. The harbour went on to become home to the notorious HMS Ganges and the Falmouth Packet ships. During World War II the harbour was a base for operations conducted by the French Resistance. It is now home to the last remaining fleet of oyster fishermen.

Pandora InnIn nearby Restronguet, the thatched Pandora Inn has many a tale to tell. The Inn was once owned by Captain Edwards (a nasty peice of work by all account) who brought the HMS Bounty mutineers to justice - the name comes from the frigate HMS Pandora which he sailed to Tahiti to hunt the mutineers down. The inn is charmingly placed at the water's edge with its own pontoon. Those who can, arrive by boat!

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